Running Mile after Mile and straight on to Magic

Pictures of Ruby & Post Marathon November 8, 2006

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Carlin, Ruby, Reed, & Jess wearing our marathon blankets aka “space blankets”
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Ruby giving thanks
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Carlin, Ruby, Jess & the sign we ran past at mile 13
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Carlin & Ruby post marathon
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Carlin, Fady, Reed, Jess, Ruby, & Grandma Henry “Ghee”

Carlin, Grandpa Henry “Pap”, Ruby, Jess

karenna-merrygoround.jpgRuby on merry-go round in Center City Philadelphiakarennadadreed1.jpg Karenna with Grandpa Henry a.ka. “Pap” and brother Reed

karenna-shannon.jpg karenna pulling cousin Shannon Henry


5 Responses to “Pictures of Ruby & Post Marathon”

  1. Auntie Audrey Says:

    Aloha Everyone
    The pictures are so precious of Ruby,Shannon, and naturally GRANDPA….He always was a cutie…I am so proud of all of you for the knowledge of Ruby and her challanges. I have always been so proud of your entire family and this is just another example of true Love, ohana, and aloha…..Family comes first and NO one gets left behind….god bless you all as you are blessing all of us being in our lives….

  2. Tom Henry Says:

    Cute pics.

  3. Emily Granquist Says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys! Jess and Car, hope you have a good run! Karenna and Reed, hugs and kisses to you both!!!
    Aunt Em

  4. Rachel Says:

    Carlin & Fady – The kids are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the website and have a great run on Sunday.


  5. Holly (Henry) Burnett Says:

    Hi Carlin and Jess,
    I dont believe I have ever met either of you, but we are related. Someday, I hope we’ll meet & get to know each other. Your Aunt Carol (my cousin) has shared your story, and these beautiful pictures. Ruby’s Grandpa “Pap”, your father, is my cousin Ken. My parents are Barbara & Blaine Henry. My Uncle Harvey was your Dad’s brother. Unfortunately, we just lost our Mother last week, on Nov. 13th.
    Your “Run for Ruby” will help bring awareness to so many, and it looked like it was a fun day as well, for all involved. Many blessings to you, and all our family. I’ll keep you all in my prayers. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to hear from you anytime.

    Love, Holly (Henry) and Bob Burnett

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